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Wow. You know how it feels when you come across some young adult you first met as a prepubescent youth, then they introduce you to their wife and kids?

Flutterby has now been a positive influence on the vector of my life for almost a third of its progress. There are far too many things about which I wouldn't have a clue if it weren't for this site.

Dan, if you ever find yourself in Charlotte, I owe you a beer. Otherwise I just pray we happen to wind up in Chattanooga on the same fortuitous weekend.

Barack Obama - For whatever reason, tonight, reminds me of FDR.

Hillary Clinton - A cheesy game show host a-la "The Running Man". I don't think she could get any more fake if Mitt Romney were using her as a hand-puppet.

So I have a healthy, or perhaps more than healthy, level of skepticism when it comes to what I see on TV and why I see it. I see Bill Clinton giving a speech at the point when Hillary's clearly lost South Carolina, and her campaign has just taken a hit.

The first thought is that Hillary's campaign has called in Bill to bail them out (and that this is a sign of weakness and it will backfire).

The next thought is that the news media love narratives, and that while Bill Clinton might have been making speeches at all of these events, it's only now convenient to show because it fits into the narrative that started a few weeks ago about Hillary's campaign being a referendum on Bill's presidency. (It started with the picture of the Clinton camp (featuring a version of Madeline Albright closer to the Crypt-Keeper than to the Secretary of State we knew in the Nineties) in New Hampshire (I think) and continued with Bill's rant right before the Nevada caucuses)

I don't blame the media for liking "stories". They do because we do. It's inherently human. It's just that those stories tend to neglect some facts and enhance others because they're entertaining. It's not exactly fictionalizing - it's just that the non-fiction is somewhat selective, and thus misleading in the direction of the interesting, regardless of whether the interesting story is the actual story.

So has Hillary Clinton's campaign pulled out the hammer and broken the "In Case of Emergency" pane covering Bill Clinton's protective case, or is that just how it seems because that's what I'm being shown?

I'm not really bothered by it either way (I've wanted Barack Obama as president since the 2004 Democratic convention speech, when I couldn't help but see Obama as a better potential president than the one selected that year), but I can't help but wonder.

(Yeah, I know it's been a while - I've been busy. We've got a baby boy on the way - due in late March. Lots more going on that I should put up, but I wouldn't know where to start?)

All that because I wanted to note that I got some "Wildlife print" band-aids at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago. Last night I put on a baby seal band-aid, and soon discovered that the drawback of having a cute baby seal on your band-aid is that it will shortly become a bloody baby seal.

Makes me feel better about getting the girls Barbie band-aids, though...

Savvy: Ammy went to go to the dollar store to get us some bubbles. I wanted to go to the dollar store to see all the dollars.

Last night I told the girls the story of their great aunt Rita, who fell asleep with gum in her mouth and woke up with it in her hair. It was so tangled that they had to cut it all off, and she had to run off and join the circus.

A minute later, Lorelei started asking, "What happened to Aunt Diarrhea?"

Then the girls wanted me to tell the story of the boy who cried "wolf". Afterwards, we had this exchange:

Savvy: Are wolfs scary?
Me: Yes, wolves are scary.
Lorelei: I'm afraid of giant robots.

How's it hangin?: amused

We're in Charlotte. Probably going to hit the Penguin tonight, assuming previous patterns hold.

Yeah, I know I don't post anything here lately. Between studying various matters techish, working at the library, trying to find a job in Charlotte, delivering pizzas at night because the library doesn't pay me enough to both house and feed my family, and trying to actually work in some quality time with said family, I've been a bit busy.

So tomorrow morning, circumstances permitting, we might all pack up in my Saturn and drive to Charlotte for the weekend to spend some time with Lissa's parents, and I might very well wind up hunting for jobs through Tuesday. Not that I have any idea how to troll for jobs at all, let alone on a holiday weekend in a city I barely know, but I'm so ready to leave Chattanooga* I just might take to waiting tables again just to get out of this place.

So if anybody knows of a place in or near Charlotte that's looking for an experienced but uncertified** geek-boy, feel free to drop me a line. The rest of you, wish me luck.

* A pretty town, but it's got serious air quality issues, and the job market here seriously stinks.
** Part of my problem in finding new jobs - people want certifications and I have none. I would think that years and years of experience might count for something, and I'd get certs quickly and enthusiastically if I could afford them, but they're not cheap.

So there's been a lot of talk about the broken healthcare system lately, and these folks are a prime example of how things can go very, very wrong. I'm not typically one for online petitions, because my cynical side says, "most legislators don't give a raggedy pooh-bear about these petitions - they just don't seem credible." But to a marketer, petitions like this actually make a difference, and so I think this might actually have some effect.

I want to see these people on Extreme Makeover Home Edition because I'd hope that this would give the current focus on our healthcare syatem a much more personal face, because that's the sort of thing that actually tends to influence people. It's the difference between, "X,000 children are abducted from their homes every year.", and, "OMGElizabethSmarttWTF!!11!!!"

I don't expect something like this to make a drastic change, I think it will only nudge the focus a little bit in the direction I think it should go, but I think that nudge is well worth the time it took me to write this, and the time it took me to sign the petition.

I know too many people who are in healthcare limbo not to make an effort. I've been one of those people myself, and I'm a small bout of bad luck from being there again. For anyone else who thinks this sort of thing is important, I'd encourage you to click and sign the petition.

Up with the Joneses

edit: Forgot to credit lakilika with pointing me to the issue. She actually worked with these folks, and I recall her frequently noting how wonderful they were to her. These really are good people, and they deserve any help that they can get.

*feel free to repost, redistribute, add, or subtract from this in any way you feel is necessary. Consider the above an Open Source document, to be revised as you see fit.



(via dlykeflutterby) Ideas for your next road trip.

Just caught Lola drinking the Teriyaki sauce straight from the bottle. That girl's not right...

"That's not Jasmine rice. It's Ariel rice."

So maybe the Disney princess thing has gotten a bit out of hand...



The job hunt and work are keeping me mostly offline. I'm still reading your journals, but I've been devoting most of my writing efforts to cover letters and such, rather than LJ.

Somehow, it feels a bit wrong that I'm able to post to my LJ using IM.

But I'm not gonna complain, because I don't post enough anyway...

So, as a matter of the public interest, I figured I should let it be known that auctions, when not treated with respect and care, can be dangerous things.  My family has a history with auctions, and it's worth documenting, so I'll document it here.Collapse )

How's it hangin?: quixotic

So, I'm printing off something on my inkjet and my daughter walks up, hears the rhythm of the carriage moving back and forth, and starts to dance. Yes, she was dancing to the music of an inkjet printer. Way too cute.

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